Creative ideas for a pregnancy photoshoot

A pregnancy photo shoot is a beautiful way to capture those final moments before you welcome your baby into the world. Your body is undergoing significant changes (and perhaps being pushed to its limits), which is something that should be celebrated in all of its wonderful forms. You’ll come away with gorgeous photos to include in your baby photo album and share with family and friends on social media. If you’re after some inspiration, here are 16 ideas to consider for your pregnancy photo shoot. 

1. Reveal the due date

If you’re after a photo to reveal your pregnancy news to family and friends, consider a simple portrait holding a sign with the due date written on it. Alternatively, you can look for a street sign with the classic “bump ahead” symbol for a more playful way of sharing your exciting news. 

2. A bump close-up

Sometimes photos capturing a single detail are enough to say a thousand words, which couldn’t be truer than with a close-up shot of mama’s swelling belly. A bump photo instantly says “we’re expecting!” with no caption needed.

3. Props

If you don’t want your pregnancy photoshoot to be all about your belly, consider including some props such as baby booties, onesies or maybe you want to include the ultrasound image – the very first photo of baby that exists!. It’s a cute way of revealing to family and friends that a newborn is on the way and a great alternative if your bump isn’t showing yet.

4. Include siblings

Soon-to-be big brothers and sisters will probably be just as excited as you are about the new family addition, so plan to capture some portraits incorporating them. A classic shot is to have them cuddling or kissing mum’s belly while being completely fascinated at how a baby is growing inside. 

5. Pet portraits

Chances are your pet is an integral part of your family, so don’t overlook them when planning your pregnancy photoshoot. Whether it’s walking together as a family at sunset or a posed portrait with your pooch resting their head on your belly, capture a shot that reflects your pet’s personality and what they mean to you. 

6. Create custom T-shirts

Creating custom T-shirts for the family can be a fun addition to your pregnancy photoshoot, with a whole host of unique ideas to draw on. “The man behind the bump” is a playful one for dad while “Promoted to big brother/sister” is an option for siblings. 

7. Embrace your journey

In the 21st century, creating a family can be done in a variety of non-traditional ways, with egg/sperm donors and surrogates a part of many couples’ journeys. So why not embrace their role and include them in your photoshoot or celebrate your blended family in its entirety. 

8. Do something you love

Every family or couple has activities they love doing together. So what better way to capture the joy of welcoming a newborn into your life than by doing just that. Perhaps it’s a sport you love to play/watch, a park that’s your favourite to stroll in or a cafe where you regularly go to eat.

9. Add a little humour

Welcoming a baby into the world can be overwhelming, so why not celebrate the lighter side with some humorous shots. Perhaps it’s a portrait with a balloon being blown up with a sign reading “ready to pop” or mum and dad looking apprehensive at the announcement they’re expecting twins. There are plenty of playful ideas online or you can get creative inventing your own. 

10. Belly silhouette

A classic pregnancy photo is mama’s swelling belly captured in profile, backed by a setting sun or light source. These silhouettes reveal just how incredible a woman’s body is and it’s capacity to bring new life into the world. 

12. Flower power

Flowers are a widely recognised symbol of new life and will add a splash of colour to your pregnancy photoshoot. Whether it’s a single, long-stemmed rose or a floral crown, there are myriad ways you can incorporate your favourite blooms into your session. 

13. Flowing garments

A long, flowing dress is a popular way to give your pregnancy photoshoot a whimsical aesthetic and will emphasise your growing belly. The trick is to find a spot with just a little bit of wind to get the dress flowing and achieve that ethereal look.


14. Paint your belly

Painting your pregnant belly is another fun option when capturing up-close shots. You can either get a professional to paint a motif of significance or let your children loose to work their artistic magic!

15. Do size comparisons

If you plan on having multiple pregnancy photoshoots, use a size chart to determine how big your growing baby is at each point in time. Then find props, such as a lemon or baseball, to hold beside your belly that accurately reflects the size of the foetus inside you. 

16. Before and after

If you’re also planning a newborn photo session, consider capturing the same pose during your maternity photoshoot and again holding your newborn. They can be showcased side-by-side or you use post-processing software to create a reflective shot for something a little artier. 

A special addition to your baby photo album

Pregnancy photo sessions usually take place in the final weeks before giving birth when anticipation is at its highest. It’s an undeniably special time for couples and their families that should be treasured for many years to come. However, capturing maternity shots for your baby photo book is not only to jog your memory, but also so your child can look back on their journey into this world.


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