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frequently asked questions

photo upload

Click the Add Photos button which will access the folders on your computer. Click on the folder you have the photos in and select the ones you'd like to upload, then click Open. You can click the Add Photos button as often as needed.
You can add up to 5,000 photos in a single album. If you'd like to select all photos in a folder, select the first file and then press Ctrl + A on a PC (hold down the control key and then press A) or Command + A, on a MAC (hold down the command key and then press A).
It's not possible to add ZIP files to the upload window, but you can select all of the individual photos and add together to the upload window (see note above).
We only work with JPEG images. We always recommend uploading the high-resolution originals which should be several MB in size. The maximum file size you can upload is 40MB per individual photo.
No, the order in which you upload the photos has no bearing on how they display. The system will store them based on file name and date. If both of these are incorrect, it's best you rename the photos in the sequence you want them used before uploading them.

PC: Select all the files you want to rename in Explorer, right-click the first one and select Rename. Type your desired base file name and press Enter. Windows Explorer will take your base name and add a number to each file’s name. Example: if you rename as "Vacation", the files will get renamed as Vacation (1), Vacation (2) etc.

MAC: Select the files you want to rename in FINDER and then right-click on the selection – you see the option to "Rename". Choose "Format" from the dropdown and then add a name like "Wedding". All files will then sequentially get renamed as Wedding 1, Wedding 2 etc.

If your computer is set to go to "sleep" after a few minutes of inactivity, this will interrupt your upload. You can learn how to undo this below:

PC -


If nothing happens when you click the Add Photo button, this probably means that you're using an older or incompatible internet browser version. Please update to the latest version of your browser or try another browser. Google Chrome and FireFox are the best for uploading files.

If you have your photos stored on either DropBox or Google Drive, it's easy to add them directly to your account without uploading them all again.

  • Click the DropBox or Google Drive icon you see below the upload window
  • Grant PikPerfect access
  • Open the folder which has the photos you'd like to send, then either select the entire folder or individual photos to send. You should see a checkmark next to the photos.
  • Scroll down to bottom and then click the "Add Photos" button.
  • You'll see the photos transfer, click DONE when they have all transferred.

If you have your photos stored on OneDrive or another cloud service provider, please email us a link to the shared folder and we'll be happy to download them from there.

The upload speed depends on your internet connection and the size of the photos you're sending us, we can accept them just about as fast as you can send them. It's fine to leave the upload running in the background (or even overnight), just make sure your computer is not set to go into sleep mode (see above). If you're still finding this too slow and do not have access to a better internet connection, we recommend first saving your photos on DropBox ( and then adding them to your account from there.
Sorting through your photos to find the best ones can be a very time-consuming task. We're happy to help do this for you, you'll get to review and approve the selection (or make changes) before starting work on the album design. You can still add or remove photos from the album once the design has started, just speak to your designer about this.
You can upload a maximum of 5,000 images per order, so don't hesitate to send us all you have!
We sort through the entire photo set, narrowing it down to the images that best tell your story, and are of the best quality. We also try to ensure we cover all sections of the photo set, so may choose some images that are not perfect quality, but which we feel are part of the memory you're trying to preserve.
To select the best images, we have to go through all photos a number of times before making the final selection. The more photos you send us, the longer it takes which is why we charge per photo uploaded and not per photo selected.
You will receive an email with a link to your selection. You can toggle this view between only the photos we recommend, or the selection highlighted among your entire photo set. It's easy to add/remove photos from the selection, and tag important ones.
Yes, if you would like to send us more photos, please email these to your designer or request that they send you a link to add additional photos.
In most cases we're able to send you the selection in 2-3 working days.
While this rarely happens, if you don't like the selection we make, you can always disregard it and send us just the photos you want used. You will not be charged for the photo selection service in cases like this.
The cost depends on what you're looking for and varies based on size, number of pages and paper type that you select. You'll find all details on our website when you start your order, or on the prices & shipping.
The average book we make has 60-80 pages with about 150 to 250 photos in it. That said, we make a lot of large and some smaller books too.
We offer a number of different paper types, the 250 gsm options are amongst the thickest papers used in the photobook industry.
Yes, of course. When reviewing your photo book online, you will find an option to “Add Text”. Click on this and then enter the text you would like used – your designer will then incorporate this into the design.
Our books have a maximum of to 244 pages and can hold up to 1,000 photos. If you have a lot more photos than this, choose images for you.
The first draft of your book will generally take 3-5 working days. After this, it depends on how many revisions you request and how soon you can send your feedback. Once approved, printing and shipping takes 16-22 days on average.
Absolutely! When the photo book is approved and sent to print, you'll receive a link to the final design which you can share via email, Facebook or Google+.
Yes, our layflat albums are developed on real Fuji Album Paper, the pages are thicker and stiffer than a normal photo book (370gsm vs. 170-250gsm). These are not flush-mount albums, so do not have an inner board between pages. That allows us to go up to 120 pages on all formats except our largest one (Large Landscape: up to 120 pages).
The cost varies based on format, number of pages and cover type you select. You'll see details when you start an order, or on our prices & shipping page.
The average album we design has 60-70 pages with 150 to 250 photos in it. Layflat albums can have a maximum of 120-pages
The first draft of the album will be sent to you in 3-5 working days. After this, it depends on how many revisions you request and how soon you can send your feedback. Once approved, producing the album takes 8 days on average.
We prefer the pearl matte paper as it has a more subtle finish (not as reflective) and is less susceptible to finger prints.
Certainly! When reviewing your album on our website you will find an option to “Add Text”. Click on this and then enter the text you would like used – your designer will incorporate this into your album design.
Unlike a lot of other layflat photo books out there, our albums are not press-printed. They are developed using real Fuji Album Paper which gives them the colour and clarity of a real photo print.
If you don't have the time, patience or experience designing photo books or wedding albums, our service is perfect for you. Just upload your photos and leave the rest to us. The service is free to try – if you don't like what we design, there is no commitment to purchase.
You can find detailed information on all prices at Prices & Shipping. The design service fee is not charged again for copies or smaller duplicates of the same album.
Most companies offer you a free software that you can use to design the photobook. However, they won't actually do any of the design work for you. Using a professional photo book design service will not only saves your hours, most people think it also produces a design that is far better than they would have been able to do themselves.
Telling us what design style you're looking for helps us design a personalized photobook for you. However, if you want to leave it up to us or don't have the time to go through this, that's not a problem at all. We'll choose the styles we think best match your pictures and the story they tell, as well as give you some different options to choose from. All photo book designs include unlimited free revisions, so we make sure you're happy with the design before sending the album to print.
It depends on the type of book you're making and the quality of your photos. In general, we recommend between 1.5-3 photos per page on average (which means some pages will have more, and others less). While some pages can have a lot more photos, we don't recommend too much more than this as it will make your photos very small and the book look cramped.
Yes! You'll review a digital draft of the photo book which you can review and mark comments on. As all designs include unlimited free revisions, you can do this as often as needed till the album design looks perfect! In most cases, it takes 2-4 revisions of the album to get there.
We work hard not to let that happen, and it honestly rarely does. But if you're not happy with what we've put together, we'll cancel your order at no cost. Remember, you don't pay until you're completely satisfied with the design.
Yes, if you need to add more photos, please email them to your designer and they will be happy to add them in.
You can find detailed information on all prices for each of the format and cover choices at Prices & Shipping.
We're glad you asked, you'll find more information about this on our website here.
Applicable VAT is included in orders shipped to Switzerland, Germany and Ireland. Orders shipped to other countries do not include any VAT or taxes in the prices quoted. While books are often zero or reduced VAT rated, please check with your local authorities as PikPerfect will not be responsible for any local taxes or duties that may be levied by your local customs office.
We're afraid not. In order to provide you with long-lasting and quality photobooks, we've opted for hardcover only.
We offer printed covers as well as linen and leather covers on all our photobooks and albums.
While all the paper types offered make for excellent photo books, the more premium ones are thicker and have a nicer finish. You'll find more information on these when you start your order.
Yes, you'll get the option to add these to your order once the design of the main album has been approved and added to your shopping cart. If you have any questions about your options here, please ask your designer for details.
Yes, you can reorder the book or smaller copies up to 6 months from your date of purchase. You'll find the option to do so in the My Orders section on our website.
We accept payment via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer (for Euro and CHF payments only). For your security, all payments are encrypted via SSL.
Yes. As every book is custom-printed with your photos, we can only start production once payment has been received.
We currently offer new customers a 25% discount on the design fee (not the order total) to encourage them to give our service a try. This will apply to towards the design fee on all books in the first order. The new user discount code must be entered by the user in the shopping cart before purchase to avail of the discount.
We store the high-resolution files of your book for 6 months from purchase, and you can order copies or smaller duplicates at any time until then by going to my the My Orders page on our website.
All books are sent to print after purchase has been made. Once sent to print, an order cannot be cancelled or changed.
We're happy to say we ship to over 140 countries in the world, you'll find a drop-down list at the bottom of every page on our website. If you don't find your country there, please contact us and we'll look into this for you.
Sorry, we currently do not ship express.
No, once you have placed the order and made payment, the shipping address cannot be changed. However, if you are yet to make payment, you can change the shipping details in your shopping cart.
We offer Flat Shipping per order which allows you to order as many books as you like without incurring additional shipping charges. Please note that all books must ship on the same order and to the same address.
We do not currently ship to multiple addresses on the same order. However, if you would like to ship a copy of your photobook to friends and family, you can do so by re-ordering on the My Orders page and entering a new shipping address.
You will be emailed a tracking number when your order ships.
We take great pride in the work we do to ensure every order is perfect. If, however, an album is damaged in transit or has a manufacturing error, please emails photos of this to your designer or contact us at and we'll correct this for you.
As these are custom-made books, I'm afraid we do not accept returns. If a book is received damaged or has a manufacturing error, a replacement will be sent out to you (see above).
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