5 Must-have family photo book ideas

Moments spent with our families have a big impact on our lives, whether it’s being enraptured by a newborn baby, talking about the “old days” with your grandparents or playtime at the park with your pooch. But how often do you transform those family memories into a beautiful family photo album that can be shared as a coffee table book or passed down to future generations? 

Rather than keeping your photos hidden in a digital folder or drive, take inspiration from some of these ideas to start your next family photo album project. 


A new addition

If you’ve just welcomed a new baby into your life, there’s no better time to capture special family moments and collate them into a baby photo album. Not only can you document all of your newborn’s “firsts”, but also those treasured memories of being held by their siblings or nuzzled by your pooch. While a traditional baby album is all about, well, the baby, why not focus on how your newborn has transformed your family life (and upended it at the same time!)


Pet connections

For some families, pets are an integral part of the family dynamic and significantly shape day-to-day life. While their lives may be short, they can foster a love that you never knew existed and inspire you to lead an active, healthy life. So why not celebrate what they mean to you and all of the special moments you share in your family photo book. From beach frolics to bath time and snuggles on the couch in the evening, these are photos you’ll be thankful you documented once your pet is no longer with you. 


A special family day out

Have you ever watched “day in the life” videos to see what your favourite celebrities get up to during their waking hours? Well, why not take this as inspiration to create your own “day in the life” album of a special family day out. Perhaps it’s a long, summer day at the beach or an overnight camping trip to your favourite wild place. Or maybe it’s capturing all the thrills and spills of a day at your local amusement park. It’s a great opportunity to get candid shots of your family “in the moment” and honour the memories you’re creating together. 


The family recipe book

Food has always been a way of bringing people together and there’s something special about sitting down to eat as a family at the end of the day. There are probably a few dishes that you remember your parents or grandparents making for big events or celebrations, not to mention all the memories that surround eating them! So instead of continually saying “I must get that recipe off so-and-so”, it’s time to make it happen and collate them into a beautiful family recipe book that can be passed down through the generations. Aside from the recipes themselves (either as faded handwritten notes or newly typed creations), you can include photos of your extended family enjoying meals together the way only you know how. 


The family heritage album

Have you got a box of old black-and-white photos that you’ve inherited from your parents that’s stored away gathering dust? Why not use it as an opportunity to learn about your ancestry while creating a treasured family memento. With a little research on your family tree or through conversations with older generations, you can include short bios about your relatives and their connection to you in your family photo album design. It’s a simple way of preserving their memory long after they’ve gone while helping you and your children understand where you’ve come from.

It’s a great book to pass on for generations to come. We promise you there will be requests for multiple copies of this lasting one.

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