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What is the Album Design Service?

If you don’t have the time, patience or experience to design your own photo books or wedding album, our photo album design service is perfect for you. You’ll save hours by having an experienced designer create the album, exactly as you envisioned it, for any occasion.

How much does it cost and do I pay in advance?

No advance payment is required. The service is free to try, so don’t hesitate to upload a complete set of images and allow our design team to put together a first draft of your album. All designs include unlimited free revisions, so we make sure you’re perfectly happy with the design before the album is sent to print. If in the odd chance we are not able to create something you love, there is no commitment to purchase and you won’t owe us a penny.

The cost of the design depends on how many pages are included in the album, you’ll find details of all costs listed here.

I’m not sure what album or design would look best with my photos.

No problem, we’re happy to help! Give us some idea of what aesthetic you like, or just leave it completely to our design team to present options that they think would work well with your photos. Keep in mind that all designs include unlimited free revisions, so if you’re not happy with the styles we present, we’ll continue updating with new styles until we find something you really like.

Can I make changes before it is sent to print?

Yes! You will get to review and comment on each draft of the album design. Once you’re completely satisfied with the design so we request payment and then send the album to print.

Is it really unlimited free revisions?

While most customers are happy with the design after 2-6 rounds of feedback, if your album requires a lot more than this, we’ll be happy to continue with the changes but will request a small deposit as a show of good faith. This is just an advance and not an additional fee, but it helps ensure that our service is not misused.

Can I add or remove photos once the design has started?

Absolutely! Having the photo selection approved before starting with the album design helps minimize additional back and forth, but we can certainly add or remove photos from the design once you view the draft.

Is it possible to make changes or design the album myself?

For something as important as a wedding album or special occasion photobook, a lot of couples love having an experienced photo album designer help. That said, if you prefer having more control over the process, our sister company Piktology offers the option to design your own photo book.

How long does the entire design process take?

While it depends a bit on how many albums we currently have in queue, we typically send out the first draft in 2-4 working days. After this, it depends on how fast you can send us your feedback, change requests are generally made the next day.

Am I restricted to the styles you show on your website?

No. The website represents only a few of the more popular styles, but as each album is designed from scratch, we can design it exactly as you want. If you have a specific theme, styles or idea in mind, please send us details of this along with any examples you may have.

Can I share the design with family and friends?

While the album is in design, it can only be accessed through your account. You will be sent a link to automatically login and view the draft in your account, if you’re comfortable sharing this with family or friends (which will also give them access to your account), you can certainly do this. Once the design is complete and the album sent to print, you will receive a link to share the final album design with family and friends, this link will not require you to login.

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