Wedding Album Cover Design Inspiration: 10 Stunning Ideas to Make Your Album Stand Out

Wedding Album Cover Designs

Your wedding photo album is not just a collection of photographs, it is a visual narrative of your special day. In our last blog post, we provided guidance on how to sort through your wedding photographs and select those that capture your wedding story flawlessly. Once you have curated that perfect selection, the next thing to think about is your wedding album cover, which not only plays a crucial role in setting the tone of your album, but also provides you with an opportunity to reflect your personal style and integrate your album within the décor palette of your living space.

From photo covers, fabric covers, modern glass covers, to text design, let’s discover the possibilities and gather inspiration from 10 stunning wedding album covers from our community of customers.

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Elegant Wedding Album Cover Designs

1. Imagewrap Photo Covers

Photo covers are a popular choice with many of our customers who want to evoke the emotions they felt on their wedding day. The right photo can perfectly capture the love, joy, and excitement of a wedding day. Accordingly look for a photo that conveys the connection that you share with your partner, whether it is a tender embrace, a shared laugh, or a candid moment. Imagewrap photo covers wrap across the front, spine, and back of your wedding album, and can be printed with any combination of photo, text and graphics allowing for a greater degree of personalization (A top wedding album trend in 2024!). So have your photo cover stand out even more by adding artistic elements that reflect the theme of your wedding day, and using colors that complement your living space décor.

Mairead and Kyler went with a watercolor look for their wedding photo album, choosing an imagewrap photo cover incorporating floral elements. We love the whimsy of this cover!

Wedding Album Photo Cover with Floral Elements
Wedding Album Photo Cover with Floral Elements. Back Cover (Left) & Front Cover (Right).

Emma and Guy chose a foliage style wedding album cover to mirror the rustic & natural setting of their wedding day. We love how the accent color of their wedding album mirrors the setting of their cover photo.

Wedding Album Photo Cover Styled with Foliage Elements
Wedding Album Photo Cover Styled with Foliage Elements. Back Cover (Left) & Front Cover (Right).

Sabina and Vikesh capitalized on the use of a full-bleed imagewrap cover, by using a motif pattern to envelop their cover photo. The intricate design serves to conjure up the theme of their wedding day perfectly.

Wedding Album Photo Cover with a Patterned Background
Wedding Album Photo Cover with a Patterned Background. Back Cover (Left) & Front Cover (Right)

You can also choose to keep it simple and let the photos do all the talking, just as Amanda and Robyn wanted for their minimalist wedding album cover. We like how they chose multiple photographs for their cover to build a narrative.

Minimalist Wedding Album Photo Cover
Minimalist Wedding Album Photo Cover. Back Cover (Left) & Front Cover (Right)

2. Fabric Wedding Album Covers

At PikPerfect we offer multiple fabric cover options if you’re looking for a more luxurious texture and feel. Fabric covers in linen, leather, vegan leather, velvet and microsuede provide a tactile experience that elevates the elegance of your wedding album. The rich texture and soft feel of these fabrics evoke a sense of ‘Quiet Luxury’ – a wedding album design trend that is gaining momentum in 2024.

The quiet luxury of leather really shines through in Simone & Stephen’s wedding album cover. They chose a pretty light blue color to match the palette of their living room, and selected custom embossing in white, allowing them to combine text and a personalized symbol for another layer of individuality.

Lauren and Issac’s wedding album is ensconced in an elegant linen cover in a soft sea-green shade. They chose UV printing and a combination of text and design. The heart motif framing their names and wedding date is a stroke of creativity that really sets their album cover apart. We offer UV printing on all of our linen, vegan leather, and leather photo book covers.

Wedding Album Cover in Sea Green Linen with UV Printing
Wedding Album Cover in Sea Green Linen with UV Printing

Sandra and Robert went with old-world glamor by selecting a wedding album cover in velvet in a gorgeous purple color that evokes a sense of royalty. Using a metal plate title in a gold finish complements the traditional charm of their cover flawlessly.

Wedding Album Cover in Purple Velvet
Wedding Album Cover in Purple Velvet

Sarah and Alex chose a cameo window album cover to combine the benefit of this stunningly luxurious leather cover in red with the emotive quality of a cover photograph. We offer this option with our linen, vegan leather, and leather covers.

Michelle and Christian also took advantage of a cameo window, on a lovely blue linen cover. We adore how their cover photo really highlights the playful connection that they share with each other.

Wedding Album Cover in Blue Linen with a Cameo Photo Window
Wedding Album Cover in Blue Linen with a Cameo Photo Window

3. Acrylic Glass Wedding Album Cover

Acrylic glass cover wedding albums are becoming increasingly popular with our customers. These covers give the album a more contemporary feel that complements the modern vibe of many weddings. They are opulent, make for deliciously heavy albums, and serve to intensify the hues of the cover photograph, making it really pop with depth. We absolutely love the cool sleekness of these covers.

For their modern wedding album, Meredith and Erio chose acrylic glass on a linen rose cover, combining the textural feel of linen with the futuristic look of glass. We offer the acrylic glass cover for our linen, vegan leather and leather bound wedding albums.

Modern Wedding Album with a Sleek Acrylic Glass Cover
Modern Wedding Album with a Sleek Acrylic Glass Cover

We hope that you now have some clarity on which cover style to choose for your wedding album. In our next blog post we will talk about the various layout options and artistic elements that you can incorporate within the pages of your album to really personalize it to your wedding day theme. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, get started with your own keepsake by uploading your photos, selecting your wedding album cover style and communicating your expectations to our expert album designers. With unlimited revisions and no obligation to purchase we guarantee happiness! Just follow these 3 steps:

1.Upload your photos and share your vision of the album (or let our experts recommend options).
2.You’ll receive an online draft of the album to review in 2-4 work days.
3. After you’ve approved the design and payment has been received, the album is printed, packaged and shipped to your door.

Get started here: Photo Album Design Service

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