9 baby book ideas that we love

Babies develop and change so quickly that (despite the lack of sleep) you probably wish you could press “pause” and make time slow down. Creating a baby photo album is one way you can preserve every moment and document all the minuscule changes that take place as your baby grows into an active toddler.

But if you’re overwhelmed by the number of photos you have or are just wondering where to start, we’ve put together 9 of our favourite baby book ideas to inspire you. Whether you want to document an entire year, record the events of the birth date itself or share your personal words of wisdom, there are endless baby book ideas to select from.

1. Document baby’s first year

Putting together a baby photo album can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to gathering and editing the myriad photos you’ve taken. A sensible approach is to focus on just the first 12 months of their lives and the milestones along the way. Include photos of their first Christmas and Easter or schedule monthly photoshoots to illustrate how much they’ve grown using stuffed animals as props.

2. Include pregnancy photos

A baby’s life begins well before the delivery date, so don’t forget to include photos of your pregnant belly as it swells. It’s incredible to see how your body transforms to accommodate the growing human inside of you! Also, don’t forget to include photos with your partner in the final months of pregnancy before your lives transformed forever.

3. Share the birth story

Aside from sharing photos of your swelling belly, don’t forget to include a print out of your sonogram. You might also want to include the story of your baby’s birth, including where you were when you went into labour and the experience of giving birth itself.

4. Add special milestones

Your baby’s first smile, the first time they roll onto their stomach and their first steps are all milestones you don’t want to miss. So be sure to include them in your baby album with details about the date (and even time) that these developmental stages took place.

5. Include photos with family members

As the saying goes: “It takes a village.” So don’t forget to include photos of your baby with their siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles who’ve played a role in their upbringing. Don’t forget to capture photos with the other babies you’ve bonded with in mother’s groups, as well as the friends who might not be blood relatives but have offered invaluable support.

6. Include letters from mummy and daddy

A baby photo album can be so much more than just photos, with personal letters adding a special touch. In years to come, your child can read through the words of wisdom or thoughts shared by their parents, including declarations of love and dreams for the future.

If you’re not sure what to write yourself, consider adding inspiring quotes or words of scripture that are meaningful to you. They might be specific to the wonder of creating a newborn baby or about the challenges of life’s journey that lie ahead.

7. Baby’s first birthday

First birthday parties are special events for parents and siblings but few babies will ever remember the day. So why not include a few photos or create a dedicated album to document the decorations and people who attended, as well as shots of your baby opening their gifts and blowing out the candles on their birthday cake.

8. Create an ABC book

Learning their ABCs is a big milestone in a child’s life and you can make it a personalised experience with an ABC baby photo book. You can include images of your little one with specific toys, foods and props that relate to each letter of the alphabet or dress them up in cute bumblebee and tiger outfits.

9. Get a professional family photo

While it’s easy to constantly snap photos on your smartphone, there’s nothing quite like a professional family photoshoot, allowing both parents to be in the shot. Professional photographers know how to capture portraits in the most flattering light and will help you to pose naturally while delivering high-quality images that will have pride of place in your baby album.

When planning your baby photobook, don’t forget to include these essential photos.

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